Singer Eva Cassidy

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on January 9, 2005

I would like to know about my new favorite singer, Eva Cassidy, and why she died so young. She had one of the most stunning, versatile voices ever. Why wasn't she more famous?
—Bob W., California

At the time of her death from cancer in 1996, only two of Cassidy's folk/jazz/blues albums—The Other Side (with Chuck Brown) and Live at Blues Alley—had been released, and the 33-year-old was unknown outside Washington, D.C. However, she left a wealth of unreleased recordings that have forged her legacy. In 2001, she claimed the number one spot on England's album charts and then became wildly popular in America. "Even though it's a sad, tragic story," says pop star Sting, whose song Fields of Gold Cassidy recorded, "it has a kind of poetry about it." Cassidy's latest collection: 2004's Wonderful World.