Eva Goes Behind the Camera

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on June 28, 2012

What is Eva Longoria going to do now that 'Desperate Housewives' is over?
—Kathy Lopez, Clearwater, Fla.

Longoria, 37, currently with Andy Garcia in the movie For Greater Glory, is a self-professed workaholic and says she will be looking for a new TV series—but not for fall 2012. “I love the medium of television. It’s my favorite. I love being in households every week, and I love the routine of work,” she says. The Corpus Christi, Texas-born actress, who produced NBC’s upcoming dating series, 'Ready for Love,' will be looking for more behind-the-camera projects. “I love to produce. I have a very strong business mind, so I like putting the pieces together. I like the creative process, [but] as an actor, you don’t control anything but your performance. I’m kind of a control freak.”