Evan Farmer

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on April 24, 2005

Can you tell me about Evan Farmer, the host of While You Were Out?
—Kala W., Mississippi

Evan Farmer, 32, had launched his own home renovation company and was about to quit show business when he landed the job with the Discovery Channel's home renovation show, While You Were Out. He studied architecture for two years at Tulane University in New Orleans, but transferred into communications because "that was where the good looking girls were." Also a musician who has toured with the Russian group Na-Na and opened for Britney Spears, Farmer currently is recording a new album. (For more information on his music, check his website, www.evanfarmer.net.) The bachelor was born in Ethiopia and now lives in New York City. "I'm a creative person and build stuff as a hobby, so the fact that I'm getting paid to do it and travel the country and do it with people who are as passionate about it as I am, is the best of all worlds put together," he says.