‘Family Matters: Complete Third Season’ DVD Review

Editor's Picks
on February 15, 2013

“Family Matters: The Complete Third Season
DVD ($29.98)

There were other characters on this popular ’90s TV sitcom, but can you list anyone other than Urkel? The antics of the next-door-neighbor super-nerd, played to iconic perfection by Jaleel White, became the show’s hallmark for its 10-season run. In these 25 episodes from 1991-92, Urkel competes in a rope-climbing competition, makes an “Urkelbot” and a rocket pack, plays Romeo in a school production, goes to court over the loss of his prized Persian beetle, tries his hand at poker, gets kicked out of the church choir, learns he’s surprisingly good at basketball (but not cut out for cooking), appears on a teen dating TV show, and finds himself in various other comic misadventures.

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