Gifts For Dad

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on June 1, 2003

All right, its almost Fathers Day, Im a dad, I love gifts, and Im writing this storyso I see an opportunity here and Im going to take it.

The most important thing to me about getting something for Fathers Day is that it say love. Cost has nothing to do with it. I love my kids beyond measure, and the best thing I can give them sometimes is a hug, so if my son drove in that day to give me a hug, Id probably cry right there on the spot. (Tell no one this.)

Or if the gift is something special from them, or something special to me, that also makes it special. I have hand-tied trout flies, hand-painted signs saying #1 Dad, framed photos of us, and things like that all over the place. The love behind them just keeps on giving.

Put together a photo album of your dad (or both parents) over the years, since they were young. It takes time, but few gifts can mean more. I know of one family where the kids put together a Trivial Pursuits of family trivia, and gave it to their parents for Christmas.

Personal gifts such as cologne are also nice (hint: Stetson). Come to think of it, a digital camera would also be good, because I can use it (and remember you) for a long time. Maybe a new Weber grill? A Baileys cowboy hat and a pair of Justin boots? A gift certificate to Tractor Supply Co.? Im just thinking out loud here, kids.

No ties. Absolutely no ties. And no socks. Grandma did that, and Ill never forget it.

A Vince Gill CD would be nice, though. Or Alan Jackson. Or you could promise to mow the lawn for me. (Better yet, you could actually do it.)

Heres one: Write a list of some of the most wonderful moments we had together over the years. Frame it, if its not too long. Id love that. Or make dinner for us. Take us to an eventa ball game, a museum, or something else you know Id enjoy because were all there together.

I also dont want cash, or a new tool. Unless its a fun toollike a pocket knife with umpteen attachments, or a cordless power drill. A beautifully made garden tool is always welcome.

Keep in mind that any tool you buy me must come with a Global Positioning chip in it, or youll have to buy me another one next year.

Oh, and one more thing, and youll laugh at this but it matters more than you can imagine, more than anything in fact.

Give me a hug.