‘Felix the Cat’

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on October 14, 2007

Q Who's the lady who did the voice of Felix the Cat? I understand that she was a pretty lady. I think she should get more recognition.
—Genevieve Daniels, Shamokin, Pa.

Felix, one of the first cartoon superstars, got his start in the 1920s in a newspaper comic strip. He later made the leap to short silent theatrical movies, but was eclipsed by another cartoon character, Mickey Mouse, when "talkies" took over in the 1930s. Felix was resurrected in the late '50s for television, where he finally got a voice—but it was that of a man, Jack Mercer, who also supplied the voice of Popeye the Sailor in many Popeye cartoons of the era. You can see 31 episodes of vintage Felix from 1958 and '59 on the just-released DVD Felix The Cat: Golden Anniversary Edition.