‘Frank Sinatra Film Collection’ DVD Review

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on May 12, 2012

Frank Sinatra Film Collection
DVD ($49.98)

A true crossover superstar, Sinatra topped the pop charts but also lit up the screen in dozens of bona fide box-office hits. This set rounds up 10 of his wide-ranging starring vehicles of the late 1950s and ’60s: the military adventures “Kings Go Forth,” “Von Ryan’s Express” and Cast A Giant Shadow”; the Frank Capra-directed comedy “A Hole in the Head” (which introduced the classic song “High Hopes”); a political thriller, “The Manchurian Candidate”; “Can-Can,” a French-flavored musical with Shirley MacClain; “The Pride and the Passion,” a sweeping historical drama co-starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren; and the sleuthing sagas “The Detective,” “Tony Rome” and “Lady in Cement.”

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