Entertainer Frankie Laine

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on February 24, 2002

I'd like to know if my favorite singer, Frankie Laine, is still living? If so, how old is he and where does he live? Does he have a fan club?
—Rosalie S., Missouri

Frankie Laine, 88, is alive and well and living with his wife in San Diego, Calif. The singer, whose hits include Mule Train and Jezebel, was born in Chicago, the son of an immigrant barber from Sicily. He worked at all sorts of odd jobs, including a stint during the Depression when he competed in dance marathons for the prize money. He didn't get his break as a singer until the 1940s, when Hoagy Carmichael discovered him. Once started, he had hit after hit. Known for his belting baritone, he became one of the most popular singers of the '50s and appeared in a few movies. His many fans have come together in two fan clubs: The Frankie Laine International Appreciation Society based in England and the Frankie Laine Society of America, 10402 Fortrose Court, Whittier, CA 90603.