Actor Fred Dryer

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on August 19, 2001
fred dryer

What happened to Fred Dryer, who played Sgt. Hunter on the TV series Hunter? I really liked that show.
—Lorraine B., Pennsylvania

Fred Dryer, 55, keeps busy with his acting and producing projects. After the seven-year run of NBC's Hunter, Dryer made a series of films and created a television series based in Cabo San Lucas called Land's End. He just finished directing and starring in a film called Highway 395. Dryer also is creating a new television series called Driving Bradford. Due to the popularity of Hunter in China, he recently was given a hero's reception in Beijing, Manchuria, and Shanghai. When he's not working, the Orange County, Calif., native enjoys cooking gourmet meals in his Los Angeles home for his teenage daughter, Caitlin. He also enjoys classical music, modern art, and NASCAR racing.