Freeway, the Darling Companion

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on August 24, 2012

Our family saw the movie Darling Companion, starring Diane Keaton, and wondered what you can tell us about Freeway, the dog?
—Marilyn Mitchell, Tulsa, Okla.

That is Kasey, 9, a collie/shepherd mix, as the bloodied stray who turns into Keaton’s close friend. Discovered at a Las Vegas animal shelter, he was hand picked by producer Lawrence Kasdan over 20 dogs for his first major role. A star of numerous commercials, Kasey has appeared in the TV series Brothers and Sisters and the movies Lincoln Lawyer, Monster Mutt and Santa Buddies. The dog and Keaton became chums. “Diane took the time to work with the dog, so that when they are on screen it was a real bond,” says Steve Solomon, owner of Good Dog Animals and head trainer, along with Sarah Cole, on the film, which is now on DVD.