‘Full Metal Jacket’ Blu-ray Review

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on August 24, 2012

"Full Metal Jacket 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Book"
Blu-ray $34.99

Director Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 Vietnam-era war opus celebrates its silver anniversary in style, in packaging that incorporates a 44-page hardcover book with reflections and photos by actor Matthew Modine, who starred as Pvt. “Joker”; with an hour-long documentary about the late director; another featurette on the making of the movie; and, of course, a hi-def Blu-ray of the film itself, a harrowing, two-part saga about the process that turns young military recruits into trained killers. (And in case you’ve forgotten, yes, that’s Vincent D’Onofrio, who’d years later become the TV star of “Law and Order,” as Pvt. Leonard “Gomer Pyle” Lawrence.)

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