Furry Face-Off: Can Kitten Bowl Steal the Spotlight from Puppies?

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on January 29, 2014

If the Puppy Bowl X halftime show starring adorable kittens won’t suffice, tune into Hallmark Channel’s inaugural Kitten Bowl, which airs at 11 a.m. Central on Super Bowl Sunday.

Some 70 kittens, all available for adoption through North Shore Animal League America, will jump through hoops, navigate tunnels and battle toys on strings during the championship match.

The pun-filled competition features kitten players named Dan Furrino, Brett Furve, Tomcat Brady and Meowshawn Lynch, among others. Trading cards for each of the “CATletes” share fun stats about each kitten player including position (i.e. purrback), demeanor (i.e. grabby) what each enjoys (i.e. film, “Catsablana”).

The championship game is hosted by animal activist and model Beth Stern, wife of radio talk show host Howard Stern, with color commentary from New York Yankees announcer John Sterling.