Fiona of “Burn Notice”

Celebrity Q&A
on August 11, 2012

I am a “Burn Notice” fan, especially of Gabrielle Anwar, who plays Fiona. Is she staying with the show?
—Connor Bryant, Evanston, Ill.

Anwar, 42, has no immediate plans to leave “Burn Notice,” but admits she is surprised that her job has lasted this long, with the show now in its sixth season.

“I didn’t think that the pilot would even be picked up, because I’d heard so many horror stories about so many pilots that are shot and then never go to an actual show, so I had no expectations whatsoever,” the Laleham, England-born actress says.

What she particularly likes about playing Fiona is that as part of her undercover work, she gets to pretend to be many different types of people, so it really mixes things up.

Her favorite characters? She says, “I played a sort of gum-chewing, kind of New Jersey girl a few seasons ago, which was so much fun. I had some cleavage and just pranced around with an attitude. And I recently played a Boston girl, which is a very hard accent to do well. So I like to play these women that are sort of clichés—sort of bimbo-esque gals who actually underneath it have a whole other world of intelligence and skill.”

As “Burn Notice” is doing well in the ratings, it is likely that it will be around for at least another year, and Anwar says, “I don’t know how long Fiona can be running around in a bikini and high heels carrying a shotgun. I’m not sure if the audience is going to want to see me doing that into my 50s, but I’m in for a little longer…maybe without the bikinis.”

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