Country Superstars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

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on January 9, 2005

What is new with Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks? Are they still together?
—Mary K., Minnesota

They are, in several ways. In addition to dating, Brooks, 42, is managing Yearwood, 40, helping her make decisions about her career. The two have talked about recording a duet album and have been writing songs together. He's also rumored to be a guest on her new album, out this year. The two, who live separately near Tulsa, Okla., to be close to Brooks' ex-wife, Sandy, and his three daughters, also have slimmed down together. Country music insiders have been abuzz about Yearwood's new, slimmer appearance. In August, Brooks said he might come out of retirement in 2014 when his youngest daughter turns 18: "If I'm not 750 pounds by then," he joked, "we might fire it back up." So far, the couple is mum on wedding rumors. "Trisha is my best friend, and sometimes people marry their best friend," Brooks told an interviewer last year.