Songwriter-producer Gary Chapman

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on October 2, 2005

I would like to know what Gary Chapman is doing and did he remarry after the divorce from Amy Grant?
—Dorothy B., North Carolina

Gary Chapman, a songwriter and former talk show host on The Nashville Network, enjoys projects behind the camera these days. He produced the MuzikMafia TV series for CMT, which he said was "an absolute blast," and the recently aired CMT special for the duo Big & Rich called Big & Rich in Deadwood. "It's actually more pressure than being in front of the camera," Chapman says. "Before, I was just responsible for what came out of my mouth and how stupid I might appear, but now a lot rides on what I do." He's currently working on a documentary for a song Big & Rich wrote that deals with the Vietnam War. A short version should be ready by November and the full-length project will be ready by February 2006. Chapman and his wife Jennifer, an animal trainer he married in 2000, live on a 220-acre ranch outside of Nashville, Tenn. He and former wife, singer Amy Grant, have three children.