Actor Gary Oldham

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on October 2, 2005

Please give me information on one of the best actors in the world, Gary Oldman.  What is his next project?
—Donna R., Indiana

In 2006, Gary Oldman will reprise his roles of Sirius Black in the next Harry Potter film, as well as Jim Gorgon in a sequel to Batman Begins. But according to Oldman's manager, Douglas Urbanski, Oldman's greatest and most important project is the raising of his two sons, Charlie, 6, and Gulliver, 7, whom he was awarded full custody of about five years ago. "He's a full-time single dad," Urbanski says. "He does their homework with them, he makes their lunches for the next morning, he tucks them in and he takes them to school the next morning. He does not have any social life at all. Gary's life completely rotates around his two boys." The London native now makes his home in Los Angeles, although he spends time in his homeland working on films. "He chooses his films very carefully," Urbanski says. "When he made Potter, when his kids were not in school, they were with him in London. When he did Batman Begins, his work in London was spread over about six or eight months, so he made something like 20 trips back and forth."