GEICO Cavemen

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on August 26, 2007

Q I heard that there is going to be a series based on the GEICO cavemen commercials. Will it feature the actors from the commercials? And is that Rocky actress Talia Shire in the "therapist" spot?
—Arnold Craig, Valencia, Calif.

ABC-TV bought the rights from GEICO to create a half-hour comedy series featuring the cavemen that will premiere this fall. The commercials star Jeff Daniel Phillips, who won a film-festival award for directing and starring in the 2003 thriller Hide, and Ben Weber, who played Skipper Johnson on Sex and the City and Vic Faison in The West Wing, as the cavemen. But for the series, Bill English, Dash Mihok and Nick Kroll will portray the modern-day Cro-Magnons. And, yes, that is indeed actress Talia Shire as the psychiatrist in the commercial set in a therapist's office.