Country Singer Gene Watson

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on August 14, 2005

What can you tell me about country singer Gene Watson?
—Dennis B., Missouri

Gene Watson, 61, still performs regularly despite his bout with cancer in 2000 and 2001. Because he didn't have insurance, he had to work throughout his illness. "I couldn't lay down. I had to be doing something, sick or not. I think it made me a stronger person," says Watson, who's had 21 Top 10 hits. "We stay on the road. I've been out here for 30 years now. No need for me to be quitting now. You've got to love it to do it." Watson, who lives in Houston, has a new album called Gene Watson Then & Now, a compilation of songs from throughout his career. The native of Palestine, Texas (pop. 17,598), re-recorded some of his hits, including You Could Know as Much, Everybody Needs a Hero and Back in the Fire, and recorded several other songs that he loves. "This is going to be a chapter one. Hopefully there will be several to come."