Country Star George Hamilton IV

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on January 2, 2005

Whatever happened to country singer George Hamilton IV?
-Judy W., Ohio

Dubbed the International Ambassador of Country Music after being the first American country artist to perform behind the Iron Curtain in 1974, the native of Winston-Salem, N.C., still performs all over the world. Known for songs such as Abilene and A Rose and a Baby Ruth, he recently won the British Country Music Association's International Artist Award. "People, especially in the British Isles and Ireland, react very warmly to country music because the roots of it are over there," says Hamilton, 67. "It sprang from the folk songs and ballads of the Celtic areas and came over with the Pilgrims and early settlers. So when we play there, we're really taking the music back home." Hamilton and his wife live outside of Nashville, Tenn., and he enjoys movies, reading and listening to all kinds of music.