Country Sensation George Strait

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on October 6, 2002

Has George Strait made another movie that will come out soon?
—Mary S., Arkansas

Though his debut film, Pure Country, earned the singer decent reviews and led to his best-selling album with the soundtrack, George Strait, 50, has no immediate plans for another movie. He’s been pretty busy lately, considering he’s got a new album, The Road Less Traveled, and is touring with the George Strait Country Music Festival. The Texas native exploded on the country music scene in 1981 and has remained one of its top performers ever since. He started recording his own records while he was working as a ranch foreman. It didn’t take long before a major label in Nashville, Tenn., signed him, and he’s been with MCA ever since. Strait has sold more than 57 million records, including 25 platinum albums, making him second only to Elvis Presley in the number of platinum albums sold by a male singer. Another impressive stat—he’s had 47 No. 1 singles. Between albums and touring, he stays close to his Texas ranch with his wife, Norma, and son George Jr., where they breed quarter horses. He owns several thoroughbreds and hopes to see one of them win the Kentucky Derby someday.