Country Singer George Jones

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on April 30, 2006

My favorite singer is George Jones. Where was he born, and how many children does he have?
—Aloha Voyles, Cumming, Ga.

Jones, considered by many to be country music's greatest all-time singer, was born in Beaumont, Texas, on Sept. 12, 1931. He has four children—two boys and two girls, one of whom came from his 1969-1975 marriage to singer Tammy Wynette. He also has two stepdaughters from his fourth and current wife, Nancy, whom he wed in 1983. Jones, who recently passed the 50-year milestone as a recording artist, continues to perform about 90 shows a year and promote his own line of sausage, barbecue sauce, marinade . . . and bottled water named after one of his biggest hits, "White Lightning."