Get-Together Recipes

Food, Hometown Cooking, Traditions
on October 12, 2008

Invitations to birthday parties, potlucks, family reunions and other celebrations raise a most important question for home cooks: What should I bring?

To help answer that question, American Profile asked readers for recipes that they prepare and serve at large gatherings. Our team of food editors reviewed 1,500 submissions, tested hundreds of them, and then narrowed the selection to 173 recipes perfect for hometown get-togethers. And now, American Profile is pleased to announce the publication of these recipes in a new book, Hometown Get-Togethers: Memorable Meals for Great Gatherings.

Here are four recipes from the book, including the grand-prize winner, Fudge Cappuccino Orange Torte, submitted by Michelle Gauer of Spicer, Minn.