‘X-Files’ Actress Gillian Anderson

Celebrity Q&A
on March 19, 2012


What is Gillian Anderson up to these days?
Jarrett King, Charlottesville, W.Va. 
Anderson’s first TV role after playing Agent Dana Scully in The X-Files, which ended in 2002, was the 2005 miniseries Bleak House, which earned her an Emmy nomination. She followed that up with several roles in British productions, including Any Human Heart and The Crimson Petal and the White, as well as appearing in the London theatrical productions of What the Night Is For, The Sweetest Swing in Baseball and A Doll’s House. 
Her film roles have included The Last King of Scotland, Closure and Boogie Woogie. 
In early April, the Chicago-born actress, 43, and mother of three returns to U.S. television as Miss Havisham when PBS airs the two-part Masterpiece Classic: Great Expectations. 
“Whenever I choose to do something, it’s based on some kind of recognition,” she says of her role in Charles Dickens’ rags-to-riches tale. “For whatever reason, when I first read the script, how I saw her in my mind’s eye is how you see her in this production.”
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