‘Gilligan’s Island’

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on October 20, 2002

On one episode of Gilligan's Island, a musical group was "stranded" on the island. What was the name of the group?
—Mark J., Louisiana

The Beatles-like group was called The Mosquitoes, made up of members Bingo (Les Brown Jr.), Bongo (Ed Wade), Bango (George Patterson), and Irving (Kirby Johnson). In fact, they weren't stranded on the island—their crazed fans had gotten so out of control that they had themselves dropped on what they thought was a deserted island, just to get some rest and relaxation. Though The Mosquitoes wanted to stay and enjoy the privacy the island gave them, the seven shipwrecked castaways hoped the quartet would be their ticket off the island. To push the Mosquitoes into leaving, Gilligan and friends formed two singing groups—the men became The Gnats, and the women formed The Honeybees. Unfortunately, The Honeybees were too good for their own good. Feeling the threat of competition, The Mosquitoes sneaked off the island. Three of the members of the Mosquitoes (all but Bingo) actually made up The Wellingtons, the group that sang the Gilligan's Island theme song during the first season.