Give Daughter Money for Wisdom Teeth

Featured Article, Finance, Home & Family
on January 17, 2013

Dear Dave,
Our daughter is 26 and works as a teacher. She just finished Financial Peace University. She recently learned that she needs to have her wisdom teeth removed. She’s always been a responsible young woman, but she doesn’t have dental insurance or $2,000 for the procedure right now. Do you think we should help by loaning her the money?
—Dianne in Buffalo, N.Y.

Dave Says: I like what you’ve told me about your daughter. She doesn’t need to worry about dental insurance, though. You almost never get back what you put into those policies. It’s the kind of stuff a good emergency fund will cover. But if she has put the time and money into Financial Peace University, I’d say she’s pretty serious about getting her finances in order. If it were me, I’d make the money for dental work a gift, not a loan, for turning her financial life around. In your description, you never mentioned anything about your daughter being lazy, unwilling to work or having an out-of-control lifestyle. You talked about a young lady who’s just starting to build her life, and you’re rewarding smart choices. I think that will have a major positive impact!