Glenn Corbett and Doug McClure

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on August 21, 2005

Can you tell me if Western actors Glenn Corbett and Doug McClure are still alive? Did Doug McClure star in The Virginian back in the 1960s?
—Ely T., New Mexico

Neither Glenn Corbett nor Doug McClure is alive. Corbett, born in El Monte, Calif., began working steadily at age 27 when he landed a role on the CBS series Route 66. He played supporting roles in Chisum and Big Jake and took the role of Paul Morgan on Dallas through the 1980s. He was 62 when he died of lung cancer in San Antonio, Texas, in 1993. Corbett was married twice and had two children with his second wife, Judy Daniels. Born in Glendale, Calif., McClure is probably best known for his role as Trampas in the TV series The Virginian, which aired from 1962 until 1971. He died of lung cancer in 1995 at age 59 in California. While he was fighting cancer, he continued to work the last few years of his life, appearing in the film Maverick and episodes of Burke's Law and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. McClure was married several times and had two children.