Green Acres’ Cast

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on July 9, 2006

Are any stars of Green Acres still living?
—Jeff B., Sweetwater, Texas

Most of the cast from TV's zany 1965-71 comedy series, about a starched-shirt New York attorney and his adorable-but-clueless wife trying to make a living as a rural farm couple, are deceased. Eddie Albert (who played Oliver Douglas) died last year; Eva Gabor (wife Lisa), in 1995; Pat Buttram (Mr. Haney), 1994; Alvy Moore (Hank Kimball), 1997; Hank Patterson (Mr. Ziffel), 1975; and Barbara Pepper (Mrs. Ziffel), 1969. Tom Lester, 61, who played farm hand Eb, lives in Laurel, Miss., acts occasionally and travels as a motivational speaker. Frank Cady, 90, who played general store owner Mr. Drucker, is retired and living in Oregon.