Greg Kinnear of ‘Modern Family’

Celebrity Q&A
on April 9, 2012


I enjoyed watching Greg Kinnear on Modern Family. Any chance he will be doing more TV?
Kevin Piechura, Grove City, Pa.
Kinnear, 48, was enticed to do the ABC comedy because his family really loves the show. “It is really funny and well written,” says the Logansport, Ind.-born actor. “They called and asked me if I would like to do an episode, and I said, ‘Yup!’ It was a great, fun thing to do.” 
But don’t look for him to be joining a TV series any time soon. “There are very few shows that I see on TV that are very good, but the ones that are good are really good,” he says. 
So unless he gets offered one that he thinks is outstanding, keep checking him out in the movies. His most recent film is Thin Ice, a dark comedy with a surprising twist, in which he plays an insurance salesman who makes one small mistake that snowballs into one misfortune after another. 
He will follow that up with a film called Writers, also starring Jennifer Connelly, which he says is about “a family of writers and is a drama with some comedy or a comedy with some drama. It is a hard-to-explain script—my favorite kind.”
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