Lawyer-journalists Greta Van Susteren and Roger Cossack

Celebrity Q&A
on June 20, 2004

What has happened to Greta and Roger, who had such a wonderful program on CNN?

—Maxine C., Iowa

The two lawyers, who hosted Burden of Proof and helped viewers understand the legal arguments of the O.J. Simpson case, have gone on to their own shows on different cable channels. Roger Cossack is on Court TV, contributing legal analysis to its news specials and serving as substitute host for the show, Open Court. Greta Van Susteren, a native of Appleton, Wis., hosts Fox News Channel’s On The Record, where she and her guests look at the news stories of the day. Van Susteren’s background is a vital part of her interviewing skills. “As a lawyer, I received specific training as to how to ask questions, and how to zero in on the facts … and not to stop until I have all the facts,” she says. Both Cossack and Van Susteren live in the Washington, D.C., area. “Roger Cossack is like a brother to me,” Van Susteren says. “My husband and I often have dinner or lunch with him.”

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