Country Star Gretchen Wilson

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on September 5, 2004

A Redneck Woman with Mainstream Appeal

Country music singer Gretchen Wilson has seen her life change drastically with the chart-topping success of her debut single, Redneck Woman. She’s had little time for sleep as she’s traveled the world promoting her album, Here for the Party, which has sold 2 million copies. A native of Pocahontas, Ill. (pop. 727), Wilson says the best part of her success is that it allows her to provide for her 3-year-old daughter and family. “My daughter recently asked for a farm,” Wilson says. “I told her, ‘You mean a few chickens?’ She said, ‘No, a farm with cows and horses and pigs.’ When I told her that would mean I would have to be gone at work a lot more, she pointed to the door and said, ‘Well, go to work.'” Apparently Mom listens. “One of the best things to come with my success is the fact that I get to go on tour with Brooks & Dunn this fall,” she says.