‘Guiding Light’

Celebrity Q&A
on August 13, 2009

After 70 years on radio and TV, why is Guiding Light going off the air? Can you tell me how many times the character of Reva (Kim Zimmer) has been married?
Barb Muncy, El Paso, Texas

Well, you’ll get some idea by counting the string of last names in Reva’s full name, Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis Spaulding Lewis Winslow Cooper Lewis Lewis O’Neill! But several of her marriages were re-couplings to the same man, Joshua Lewis, the true love of her life. Guiding Light, which began on radio in 1937 before moving to TV in 1952, will air its final episode Sept. 18 after 72 years on the air. Increased production costs and, more importantly, declining ratings are the reasons for its demise.

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