Singers Guy Hovis and Ralna English

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on July 31, 2005

Lawrence Welk Stars Still Perform Regularly

The Lawrence Welk Show stars Guy Hovis and Ralna English married in 1969 and divorced in 1984, and are not still married as reported in a previous edition of American Profile. "We know that we weren't meant to be married, but certainly were meant to sing together, and we're truly family," says English, adding that they did a great job parenting their daughter, Julie, 27. A native of Haskell, Texas (pop. 3,106), English hasn't married again, but is dating a man who is "very high profile" in Arizona, where she now lives. She still regularly performs concerts and devotes much of her time to Childhelp USA in its efforts to prevent child abuse. She's releasing a Christmas album later this year. "I truly love my life," English says. Hovis, 63, and his wife Sarah—"but everyone calls her ‘Sis'"—married in 2002.  A native of Tupelo, Miss. (pop. 34,211), Hovis moved to Jackson, Miss., in 1991 and runs the state office of U.S. Sen. Trent Lott. "It's basically constituent services. Anyone who has problems with the federal agencies calls," explains Hovis, who wanted to get off the road after 25 years. He still performs, though, and laughs, "Little did we know The Lawrence Welk Show was going to never die. Ralna and I have worked more this year than we have in 10 years. I always tell the joke that when I started on the show in 1970, we were the kids who sang for the senior citizens and now we are the senior citizens!"