Guy Pearce in ‘Lockout’

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on May 28, 2012


I am used to seeing Guy Pearce in movies like The King's Speech or Mildred Pierce. What is up with his action-hero role in Lockout?
–Elizabeth Lang, Richmond, Va.
While it may seem unusual to you, the English-born Australian actor, 44, says that he likes to mix things up, plus he only he takes roles that he finds interesting. 
So for example, if he has done two serious dramas in a row, he might switch it up by doing comedy, like when he agreed to be in Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories after having done The Hurt Locker. In this case, he read the script for Lockout and was intrigued enough to meet with the producers and directors about the role of Snow. "I liked the sound of the character," he says. "I met with the directors when I was in New York doing Mildred, and they said, 'He is a bit skinny, isn't he?' So, I said, 'It will be fine. I will buff up.' It wasn't that I necessarily wanted to do [an action role]. I just enjoyed where the character was coming from and I thought it was a nice change from things I had been doing at the time, like King's Speech." 
Next up, Pearce returns to outer space for Ridley Scott's much-anticipated Prometheus, opening in theaters June 8, in which a group of scientists travel to a distant world in an attempt to solve life's ultimate mystery. "It is an interesting thing to be a part of because of Ridley and his history with other films. I haven't seen the whole thing yet, but the bits I have look quite amazing," Pearce says.