Actor Guy Williams

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on April 28, 2002

What happened to Guy Williams, the man who played in the Zorro series?
—Adrian J., Georgia

Guy Williams died at age 65 in 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was born Armando Catalano in New York City. His father encouraged him to take up fencing as a youngster, a talent that proved useful years later when he appeared at a casting call for a new television series called Zorro. The show debuted on ABC in 1957, and Williams soon became a star. When the series went off the air two years later, two movies were created from the series' episodes. Williams appeared in several movies before returning to television in 1965, playing John Robinson in the sci-fi series Lost in Space. When that series was canceled in 1968, Williams retired from acting and enjoyed time with his wife, former model Janice Cooper, and their two children. Reruns of Zorro can be seen on The Disney Channel. His star was added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Aug. 2, 2001.