Hairstyle Makeover

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on January 17, 2012

Looking for a hairstyle makeover? If you’re tired of your look, you don’t need to go as dramatic as celebrities Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj to make an impact with your friends and family. A hairstyle makeover to update and enhance your natural beauty is what you need. Consider one or more of these four basic makeover options.

Length. It may seem extremely basic, but the quickest and easiest route to a hairstyle makeover is a change in your hair’s length. But before you have your stylist chop off 10 inches, be sure a short hairstyle will suit your facial shape. If your face is heart shaped, consider a wispy pixie cut like the ones worn by actresses Emma Watson, Patricia Heaton and Viola Davis from “The Help.” When a pixie cut is too drastic, opt for a shoulder-length bob. An angled bob with long layers will complement a round face, while an oval face can rock the blunt cut, curly bob or anything in between.

Color. Changing your hair color is an eye-catching way to make over your hairstyle. The online Hair Coloring Guide offers a handy chart detailing cool and warm tones in relation to your hair, eye and skin colors. Color is a great way to make a dramatic change, but if you choose a color that clashes with your natural tones, your makeover may be a flop. Coloring your hair at home is always an option; however; a trusted stylist will be able to dramatically make over your hair color with minimal fuss. Talk to your hairdresser about a color makeover. Consider highlights or lowlights, or make over your brunette locks with a racy red.

Style. It’s easy to become stuck in a hairstyle rut. We often wear the same comfortable hairstyle for several years because it’s easy. When you’ve decided to embark on a hairstyle makeover, go bold. Simply adding or subtracting bangs to your hair is not a makeover. If you’ve been wearing your hair long for the last two years, consider a cute layered bob that’s sassy yet sophisticated. You don’t have to lose your length to change your style, either. Long, straight hair can be updated by adding soft, long layers with a razor cut or gentle waves with a wide barrel curling iron. Visit your favorite salon and consult with the stylists. They can offer suggestions and will have several hairstyle books you can look at for more makeover ideas.

Texture. Changing your straight hair into bouncy curls may be the perfect hairstyle makeover for you. A curly or wavy style can dramatically change your look. You can achieve curls with a permanent at the salon or at home with the help of a curling iron or hot rollers. For looser curls, use a larger barrel curling iron, about 2 inches in diameter. To take naturally curly hair to sleek and straight, you can either have your stylist use a relaxer on your hair or use a flat iron daily to smooth your curls.

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