Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

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on January 10, 2012

To look your best, your hairstyle needs to complement your facial shape. There are hairstyles to flatter every face shape, from the heart-shaped to the symmetrical oval-shaped. Everyone’s face is one of several basic shapes and can be framed with a hairstyle to highlight your best features.

The diamond. A pointy chin is the predominant feature in a diamond-shaped face. Typically, your cheekbones will be the widest point; therefore, choose a hairstyle that is fuller at the temples and chin. Asymmetrical cuts with sideswept bangs flatter a diamond face, but avoid a pixie cut that will make your face look flat and wider than it is.

The heart-shaped. According to Sophisticated Edge, heart-shaped faces are the ideal shape for a cute pixie cut with short, wispy layers. A heart-shaped face tends to be longer than it is wide, with a pointy chin, like the diamond-shaped face. The heart part of the shape comes from your hairline, which tends to grow into the shape of two rounded humps, looking like the top of a heart.

The oblong. An oblong or elongated face also may be considered a rectangular-shaped. No matter what you name the shape, your chin is likely blunt and not much narrower than your forehead. Layered waves to add fullness to your long, thin face will be most flattering. Avoid super straight styles and blunt cut bangs. A piecey/choppy medium-length bob will look better than a straight chin-length bob.

The oval. An oval-shaped face is the easiest to flatter with almost any hairstyle. An oval face tends to lack extreme features like a wide mouth or pointy chin. Usually it is symmetrical, with a softly rounded jaw line. If your face is oval-shaped, you may enjoy long or short hairstyles, including long layered waves, funky pixie cuts and classic bob cuts.

The round. According to, a virtual hairstyling website, if your face is round, its “length is approximately equal to the width.” This means your cheekbones are your widest feature. Consider asymmetrical cuts with a side part. If wearing long hair, add layers for texture and balance. Avoid sleek styles that pull your hair back from your face, like the high pony.

The square. A square face will have a strong jaw line and broad forehead. Usually your forehead and cheekbones will be about the same width, so your features will need a style that softens your look. Try soft curls or waves to add some curvature to the square shape. A good razor cut hairstyle will add wispy layers, creating a romantic look. Sideswept bangs are ideal as well.

The triangle. The triangular or pear-shaped face looks fabulous in an asymmetrical cut, but avoid blunt bobs that sweep along the jaw line. Your triangular face has a wider jaw line and narrow forehead and cheekbones. Short hairstyles may be most flattering for the triangular-shaped face.

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