Hairstyles for the Holidays

Beauty, Home & Family
on October 5, 2011

Whether your hair is short, long or somewhere in-between, it's easy to create a festive look for the holidays. Here are three styles that will have you looking party perfect in next to no time.

The long. Naturally messy waves make for a quick party style for long locks, says says Riccardo Maggiore, from the Riccardo Maggiore Salon in New York City. A look that can be easily adapted, it is achieved by applying a sparing amount of mousse or styling product to damp hair, parting at the center and blow drying hair with a paddle brush, before using curling irons to create waves and setting with a shine serum. Create a more vintage look by parting the hair on one side. Pin the shorter side up behind the ear and let the other side fall gently over the face for a seductive look, or use hairspray, gel or pins to lift hair off the forehead for a totally retro effect.

The short. Think pixie chic à la pop star Pink or the “un-done” bob of pop singer Victoria Beckham, Maggiore says. Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair, he advises, and concentrate on the roots. Dry hair using a medium round brush to lift the roots, and use hair putty on your fingers to tousle to shape.

In between. Medium locks can be styled the same way as long locks for a slightly shorter version of the style. Or, if you want to create the illusion of longer hair, why not go for a quick “up-do"? Maggiore says you can have a ballerina bun done in just four minutes, but even if it takes a bit longer, it’s worth it for simple classic sophistication. To achieve this look, he says, you need to apply styling product from root to tip on damp hair, and give it a quick blast with the dryer, using a paddle brush to dry straight. Pull your hair loosely back and tie into a ponytail where you want the bun to be, and then twist hair around the elastic band. Use pins to secure the hair in place under the twist and just keep twisting and pinning until you run out of hair. Set in place with hairspray.