Actress Hallie Kate Eisenberg

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on April 15, 2001

Who is the young girl in the Pepsi commercials?
—Melanie E., North Carolina

Hallie Kate Eisenberg, 8, began acting at age 3 but stole the nation's heart in 1998 when she began appearing in Pepsi commercials. The first commercial had her asking for a Pepsi, but the server gave her a Coke instead, and she makes her disapproval known in the voice of Joe Pesci. She has since appeared in Pepsi commercials with Faith Hill and KISS. She recently appeared in an ABC/Disney movie of the week about the life of Helen Keller and co-starred in Beautiful, a Sally Field-directed movie starring Minnie Driver. Eisenberg just finished shooting a movie titled A Little Inside. She lives in East Brunswick, N.J., (pop. 43,548) with her parents and older sister and brother. In fact, Eisenberg was discovered while tagging along on an interview with her brother. "She walked into my office and started talking to me, and I went crazy for her," says her agent, Bonnie Shumofsky. "She is amazing. That is the only way to describe her. I saw her and fell in love with her. She is a very special little girl."