‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Star Heather Langenkamp

Celebrity Q&A, People
on February 18, 2012

What has happened to Heather Langenkamp, who starred in A Nightmare on Elm Street?

—Chris Waters, Everett, Wash.

Langenkamp, who played Nancy Thompson, Freddy Krueger's nemesis and the resourceful heroine in the classic 1984 horror movie, recently produced I Am Nancy, an autobiographical documentary. "After 25 years of going to conventions and talking to fans, I decided to take a film crew to help illuminate why the Nancy character is so important to the history of the film. I wanted people to feel it was OK to root for the hero again," says Langenkamp, 47. The Tulsa, Okla., native is married to Hollywood makeup artist David Leroy Anderson and raising their two children in Los Angeles.