Actress Heather Locklear

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on October 16, 2005

I would like some information regarding LAX, starring Heather Locklear. Could you please tell me if the show will be returning or has it been canceled completely?
—Diane M., Pennsylvania

According to Heather Locklear's publicist, the show (which premiered on NBC in September 2004) has been canceled. Usually programs are canceled because of lack of viewers and/or lack of advertiser interest. As for Locklear, her most recent project was this summer's movie The Perfect Man, which she says brought her a younger audience. Her own perfect man is husband Richie Sambora, guitarist for Bon Jovi, with whom she has a daughter, Ava, 7. While she was married to musician Tommy Lee for seven years (1986-1993), she says she knew it would be wise not to have children with him. With Sambora, she says, it is an "adult relationship," and they enjoy being together hanging out, working on the house or playing golf. Right now, she's enjoying being a mom and says she's comfortable not working. Born in Westwood, Calif., Locklear rose to public attention in 1981 with Dynasty and then returned in the 1990s on Melrose Place and Spin City.