Helping Veterans

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on October 18, 2011

OUR VETERANS often feel left out,  there are many programs for those just coming back yet many of our older Veterans have been fighting for many years.   The system for benefits and disablities is a "war" on themselves.  Many from VietNam still are waiting for Agent Oranget disablity, even as they are treated for the illness and disablities no compension yet

Las Vegas Nevada, a major city yet NO VA Hospital NOW,  soon there will be one and it will be full when it opens and we're tyring to get some help for a simply comfort quilt for all the Veterans for the opening.

we've tons of photos and had some events, for funding.   We've people to make quilts just need a bit of help with funding.   You can check our lots of photos and more info at:   THIS IS A SPECIAL OUTREADY BY THE VOLUNTEERS FOR OUR VETERANS.



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