Ask AP: Hilary Duff

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on April 8, 2010

What can you tell me about singer-actress Hilary Duff? I’ve heard that she is releasing several movies this year.
Thomas Newsome, Wrens, Ga.

Next up for Duff, 22, is the ABC Family TV movie The Business of Falling in Love, airing April 18, in which she plays a fashion reporter in search of romance. Also upcoming is The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, about the infamous bank robbers. Duff, who did a stint last year on TV’s Gossip Girls, recently launched Femme, a line of jeans for DKNY. Last November, she released her first live album, Live at Gibson Amphitheatre: August 15th, 2007, exclusively on iTunes. She also does volunteer work for nonprofit organizations including I Am Waters Foundation, which provides clean bottled water to America’s homeless.