‘History’s Greatest Images’ Book Review

Editor's Picks, Featured Article
on January 13, 2013

History’s Greatest Images
Hardcover, 154 pages ($29.95)

A cover-to-cover browse through this oversize collection of 100 iconic images is a fascinating reminder of how photography evolved from a novel invention to a vital documentary tool, and also of the world’s march of progress since the 19th century when the camera first came to be. In chronological arrangement, each accompanied with a brief bit of information and insight, the photos include Civil War calotypes from the horse-drawn, covered-wagon darkrooms of Mathew Brady; Dorothea Lange’s evocative Depression Era “Migrant Mother”; the crash of the Hindenburg; Robert Capa’s American soldier reaching shore on D-Day; astronaut Buzz Aldrin becoming the first man to walk on the moon; New Orleans floodwaters from the summer of 2005; and many other significant moments from both the distant and recent past, all captured for eternity by a camera.