Holiday Fare

Festivals, Food, Hometown Cooking, Traditions
on December 9, 2007

The holiday season is a time to pull out all the stops, a time when families come together, and everyone, it seems, wants to be sure their favorite dish is on the table. This week, American Profile presents recipes from readers—from Florida, Indiana, New Hampshire, Texas and Washington—that are ideal for a complete holiday meal.

Cindy Sickbert of Rushville, Ind., sent in her recipe for Hot Cranberry Punch. “It’s easy to make and handy to have in the refrigerator when guests come calling at holiday time. It’s also wonderful to drink on a cold winter day.”

Fantastic Fennel Pumpkin Soup is “fast and easy,” says Margee Berry of Trout Lake, Wash., “a blessing in itself for holiday meal preparations. And it tastes like a gourmet soup from a nice restaurant.”

June Stoos, of St. Cloud, Fla., sent in her recipe for Broccoli Bacon Salad. “It’s very easy to prepare ahead of time. Just add the dressing at serving time,” she says.

The recipe for Roast Pork with Cherry Sauce, from Bobbie Bankston of Midland, Texas, is perfect for a holiday meal’s main course, and the leftovers are great, too. “My teenager makes a sandwich from the leftovers and a hamburger bun,” she says.

Holiday Dressing Patties, submitted by Barb Casola of Venice, Fla., are wonderful as culinary companions for the Roast Pork with Cherry Sauce or served on their own with a green vegetable and salad. “When my sisters, brothers and I were growing up, my mother would make these crispy dressing patties, and we would eat them as fast as she could cook them,” she says. “My four children enjoyed them just as we did, and now they are making them, too.”

To complete your holiday meal, try Heidi and Faithe Copp’s Old-Fashioned Devil’s Food Cake. “Rich and indulgent, it has been a favorite, especially for Christmas,” say the Rochester, N.H., residents.