Holland Taylor’s Acting Career

Celebrity Q&A, People
on July 3, 2012

What else has the actress who plays the mother of Charlie and Alan on 'Two and a Half Men' been in?
—Alma Parsons, Bartlesville, Okla.

Nominated four times for an Emmy for her role as Evelyn Harper on 'Two and a Half Men,' Holland Taylor, 69, has a long list of TV credits, including 'The Practice' (for which she won an Emmy), 'The Naked Truth,' 'The Powers That Be' and 'Bosom Buddies,' as well as guest star roles on 'Ally McBeal' and 'The L Word.'

The Philadelphia, Pa.-born actress has also appeared in the movies Baby Mama, Legally Blonde, The Wedding Date, Keeping the Faith, D.E.B.S.Spy Kids 2 and 3, The Truman Show, George of the Jungle, One Fine Day, To Die For, How To Make an American Quilt, Alice, She’s Having a Baby, The Jewel of the Nile, Romancing the Stone and The Chosen One.

A graduate of Bennington College with a drama degree, Taylor initially set her sights on becoming a Broadway star. Her theater credits include 'The Devils,' 'Butley,' 'Breakfast With Les and Bess,' 'Moose Murders,' 'Murder Among Friends,' 'Something Old Something New,' 'We Interrupt This Message' and 'Love Letters.'

Most recently, Taylor researched and wrote 'Ann!,' a play about the late Texas Governor Ann Richards, which launched at the Galveston Opera House in Texas in 2010 and has since played in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Of comparisons to Evelyn, she says, “I am truly not [like her]. I am a rather tenderhearted person. Evelyn is so extremely self-centered. She really is meaner than any other character I’ve ever played.”