Bailiff Holly Evans

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on October 31, 2004

I would like to know about Miss Holly from the Judge Joe Brown show.

—Zeke S., Texas

Bailiff Holly Evans started out as a sociology major at San Diego University, taking a criminal justice course as part of her curriculum. “My professor asked for a volunteer to help keep crime stats, down at the police station,” she recalls. “As soon as he said it would be in lieu of a term paper, my hand shot in the air. Working at the station, I got hooked and soon applied to become a community service officer. I continued my schooling and as soon as I turned 21, I went to the police academy. The rest is history.” Evans served as a police officer for four years before being appointed a deputy marshal and court bailiff in San Diego County, before joining Judge Joe Brown. She and her husband, a retired police officer, live in Palm Springs, Calif. (pop. 42,807).