‘Homicide Hunter’ Joe Kenda Narrates Cases From Memory

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on March 14, 2014

Tell me something about Lt. Joe Kenda of “Homicide Hunter “and who plays him as a younger man?
—Murlene Pyles, Monticello, Kentucky

Lt. Joe Kenda, 67, grew up near Irwin, Pennsylvania, and joined the Colorado Springs, Colorado, police department in 1973, retiring in 1996 after serving two decades as a detective in which he solved 92 percent of 387 homicide investigations. While Kenda narrates the cases on the TV series, actor Carl Marino, 43, plays him in re-enacted flashback scenes. “I have an absolutely perfect memory,” says Kenda, who refuses to work from a script. “I still look over the cases before I talk, but when you do this for a living, it burns into your brain.”