Host the Perfect Bachelorette Party

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on February 14, 2013
host the perfect bachellorette party

The pre-wedding ritual of enjoying the last bits of freedom before wedlock is not just for men. Bachelorette parties have become a huge event that women enjoy as thoroughly as their soon-to-be husbands. Host the perfect bachelorette party, and your dear friend will remember you always.

Know your bachelorette. Not all bachelorette parties are created equal. Some women dream of a wild night out on the town with tiaras, bride T-shirts, noisemakers, lollipops shaped like unmentionables and stops all along restaurant row. Other brides may opt for a relaxing evening at a Broadway play or a movie with an amazing dinner afterwards. The important thing to understand is what your bride-to-be would enjoy. Focus on pleasing one person because you can’t please everyone, and she’s the only one whose opinion counts for this evening.

Night out in the city. For the city girl or girl who loves city life, a chance to enjoy a taste of the nightlife, clubs, restaurants, bars and concerts available is a dream come true. Pick an evening that works for the bride, bridesmaids and appropriate family and friends—not the day before the wedding. The group should remain tight and not too large, as it’s not easy to keep track of more than a few when making your way through a city at night. The Knot suggests a group of about 10 is optimal. Plan ahead so there is a cohesive itinerary and reservations are made where necessary. Be sure to start with a good meal, and include opportunities for snacks through the night. There is nothing worse than a night cut short due to alcohol sickness or hunger pangs. Follow your plan, and end with a great place to stay the evening, preferably a hotel with room service.

Additional bachelorette party options. If being dragged throughout the city and strip clubs isn’t your bride’s style, opt for something unique. A spa day or spa getaway can relax and refresh the bride and friends and help get everyone in shape for the big day. Facials, massages, manicures and beauty treatments are an extremely thoughtful way to fete the bride without giving her dark under-eye circles. In-home parties can be just as much fun as expensive outings. Have everyone chip in or bring a dish. Make a special cocktail, rent a movie, play a game, listen to music and laugh it up. A good time is measured in laughter, not dollars. Don’t forget to take lots of photos, and let everyone add to the ad hoc scrapbook that will commemorate the evening’s festivities.

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