‘How Clean Is Your House’

Celebrity Q&A
on August 29, 2004

British Duo Cleans House in America

Do you close the door on messy rooms when friends come to visit? Are you scared of dust bunnies lurking under the bed? If so, tune in to How Clean Is Your House?, Lifetime Television’s comedic reality makeover series that debuts Sept. 6. An Americanized version of a hit British show, How Clean Is Your House? stars the finger-wagging grime busters Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie, who give the most disorganized of family homes a candid filth analysis. Homeowners surrender their residence for two days to the rubber-gloved duo, who attack clutter, dirt and messes, and transform homes into sparkling living quarters. How do such disasters develop in the first place? “Basically, people become overwhelmed,” MacKenzie says. “Once people fall behind on the cleaning, they don’t know how to get out from under it.” The two swear by several common cleaning solutions, including white vinegar, which clears up lime deposits on bathroom chrome.

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