How Technology is Changing the Way We Get Our Entertainment News

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on October 25, 2011

Technology has always been a major factor in how audiences around the world got their political and entertainment news. As technology evolved over the years, do did the media in which people used to receive their current news. From radios to newspapers and magazines, people have always had a craving to know what was currently happening in the world around them and needed a way to find out. With the invention of computers, the internet and other mobile devices, media was once again completely altered.  Here are some examples of how we now get our political and entertainment news:

  • The internet / personal computers: Internet access as completely changed everything about how people now communicate with each other, whether it is use for talking directly to another person through instant massager, or reading what someone else has to say through an article or blog post. Nowadays more and more news companies are moving their stories online to their personal websites. This means that all people have to do is go online through their personal computers to visit their favorite news company's website and read all about the latest political and entertainment news 24/7.
  • Smart phones / tablets: With the introduction of smart phones and tablets, people now have the ability to access the internet wherever and whenever they want. Many news companies have even created their own "apps" people can download onto their mobile phones and tablets so people can quickly access and stay updated on current political and entertainment news.
  • E-readers: With more and more people using the internet to get their news, e-readers are another popular way people can access the internet on the go. Many news companies allow people to purchase their newspaper or magazine publications in electronic form through these e-readers. Once again this technology makes staying up on current events even easier for people on the go.
  • Social media sites: Many news companies now have accounts on popular social media sites as well as blogs to keep their readers updated on any political or entertainment news. Combined with the mobile devices mentioned above, these posts can alert readers to breaking news instantly.